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As a part of AEI’s geospatial services department, we provide both geographic information systems (GIS) consulting and drone services. AEI also has a FAA Part 107 Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot (Mr. Matthew Kitchen) to offer geospatial services in drone imagery, photography, and videography using an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) drone. With this smart technology, AEI can provide data and deliverables that assist clients in a variety of scenarios. Some of the uses of drones include:

  • Inspection of structures at heights not easily reachable or land that is inaccessible by vehicle, foot, or watercraft;
  • Initial assessment of properties for areas of environmental or ecological concern. This includes searching for potential jurisdictional waters or wetlands;
  • Annual monitoring of Conservation Easement properties, per the IRS requirements of the easement;
  • Construction monitoring;
  • Farm and ranch management;
  • High-resolution (2cm) aerial photography of properties;
  • Oblique and 3-D aerial photography;
  • Routing and siting projects;
  • Real estate listing photography and videography; and
  • Natural disaster damage reconnaissance.

AEI can offer stand-alone drone services for your project or incorporate drone data and photography into the environmental reports that AEI may already be completing for your existing projects. For questions about how we can use our drone technology on your land or at a project site and to receive a quote, give us a call or send us an email! Please enjoy the video below that highlights some of our drone services and video and photos captured using our drone.

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